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Letter Requests

Students: DMV Letter Request

If you need a letter to obtain a PA Photo ID/Driver's Permit/License, fill out this request. You can also request one of these letters for any other residency purpose, confirming your status as a student and confirming where you currently live. 

Students: Invitation Letter Request

This letter is used to invite your family or friends to visit. This is a support letter for their visa application.It is not required by any US Embassy, but you may request one if your family feels it will assist in their process. Request one here. 

Students: All other Letter Requests

Sometimes you need a letter for unique purposes, such as to specify certain information, for some purpose for your home country, or to support a third country visa application. Etc.. Request one here. 

Faculty & Staff: All other Letter Requests

International Faculty & Staff: you may need a letter to support your travel to apply for, or renew your visa, for travel to a third country, or for other varied purposes. We can help. Request one here.